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Coming Soon Founded by a team of young, dynamic and task-oriented HR & IT professionals, TechForce Consultant brings a pragmatic approach with proven, real-world solutions to the challenging fields of technology and IT personnel placement. TechForce Consultant has an elite workforce of IT professionals on staff.


Our objective has been to recruit only the highest calibre and most knowledgeable IT professionals available. Every employee is carefully selected, interviewed and tested before they can join your team. We have technology professionals from all over the world and more continuously hiring new, highly qualified individuals. This is taken care by our carefully designed recruiting procedure, where emphasis is placed on extensive technical and personal screening.

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With a primary focus on experience, skills and expertise, TechForce Consultant has built a strong group of IT professionals. our databank covers all aspects of technology, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer relationship management (CRM), Network engineering, Database management and administration, systems engineering, maintenance, and administration, Data warehousing , Web technologies, project management, quality assurance (QA) software testing and Internet and E-commerce solutions. We provide the best of tools in-house to support their job functions in turn leading to efficient customer service, as far as possible.

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