Job Title Bulk Hiring
Job Description

We give high importance to bulk hiring in a given timeframe. This is due to a large database across most regions of India that helps us to chalk out potential candidates for a suitable role. Our timely MIS and reporting is generally monitored by clients who wish to see our work progress.

We have delegated an onsite team to support our clients for the entire recruitment process of huge walk-ins.

Work Experience : 3 year
Annual ctc (min-max) : 20000 - 250000
Location(s) of Job : Noida
Reference Code : tech2036
Notice Period : 15 day
Education :,MCA,Deploma
Number of Vacancies : 6
Job Title Executive Search Hiring
Job Description

Hiring a Leader is the most difficult task, given the fact that a wrong Leader can destroy the organization’s well being. We need to creatively pick candidates who have a desire to lead, can collaborate with a group, is a great communicator and has a knack for motivating people.

Mostly we hire on a tight schedule and meet the deadline 100%. We access the individual’s profile matching the organization’s requirement, keeping the higher goals in mind.

Our dynamic team is involved in catering for the best industry resources. Following are the ways of how we do it:

  • Assign an experienced team.
  • Follow strategic Hiring Approach
  • Do an exhaustive analysis
  • Study the Track-Record extensively
  • Use the latest technology
Work Experience : 5 year
Annual ctc (min-max) : 40000 -550000
Location(s) of Job : Noida , Delhi
Reference Code : tech2037
Notice Period : 15 day
Education : , MCA ,Deploma
Number of Vacancies : 5